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As an experienced sales recruiter, I’ve learned the importance of honesty and transparency in a competitive job market. In many sales roles, there is cold calling. There is rejection. Leads aren’t all generated for you. This is an area where I see a number of candidates show hesitancy when exploring new sales roles. Do they love to hunt new business? Do they love building relationships with an existing customer base? Do they enjoy both? On an intro call with a sales candidate, we try to identify what our candidates enjoy about sales. If they show hesitancy with cold calling, it’s not the best idea to recommend a 100% new business “hunter” type role. However, if I were to discuss a role that includes cold calling, it’s important not to “sugar coat.”

Tech Sales Example- “This is a hunter role where you are self-sourcing most all of your new business leads through cold email and cold call outreach and you won’t be relying on an SDR to generated leads for you. You will face rejection. This type of work is not for everyone but can also be very rewarding with an uncapped commission structure. Is this something you are okay with?” Through transparency, sales candidates will have a clear understanding of the job that lies ahead. This will allow them time to review and decide if they’d like to pursue the opportunity further.

An area of candidate hesitancy I run into in medical device sales are in operating room (OR) based roles where “on call” work can be required at times. If there’s an add on surgery case, usually related to trauma, during a night or a weekend, they must be available to cover the case(s) and drive into work. Are they okay with working nontraditional hours with some evening and weekend work? It’s very important to set the proper expectation.

Medical Sales Example- “There will be on call work where you are required to work nights and every other weekend when needed. This is a different type of lifestyle that requires personal sacrifice but can also be very rewarding where you can positively impact patient’s lives. Do you have any hesitancies working in a job like this?”

If there is any hesitancy, I do not recommend this type of job to a candidate. It truly is a lifestyle type position, and it is highly likely that if they aren’t sure when you discuss the role, they will be even more unsure when they’re actually in the role. Through transparency, this will save your time, your candidate’s time and the hiring manager’s time.