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I polled hundreds of sales professionals and here were the results..

Compensation- 42%.
Career Growth- 22%. What is my opportunity to grow professionally? Is there a ceiling? Is there a proven path of advancement within?
Leadership- 21%. Do I get excited when I hear leaders discuss the future of the company? Is there a clear vision?
Product/Service Offering- 14%. I was a bit surprised by this one. It’s hard to get behind a product or service you don’t believe in.

#1 takeaway- Sales Reps are money motivated! Whether it’s base salary, commission or both, this is a super important driving factor in a sales candidate’s decision. Whether you’re a hiring manager or a sales recruiter, it’s important to be as realistic as possible when providing a starting salary range and OTE (on target earnings) for year 1. Most candidates don’t want to take too far of a step back in compensation when they make a job change. They have financial obligations too. Sharing actual sales data and earnings with sales candidates can help them determine if it’s a compensation plan they feel comfortable committing to. It’s easy to tell a candidate they can make 150k in year 1. But how attainable is that? Is 150k the expected earnings if they hit sales plan in year 1? Ex. 9 out of 10 reps hit plan last year and made 150k or more. This shows a candidate that the 150k number is very attainable and decreases risk in their mind of making a job change.